Finding other PENTAX users Out & About


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I frequently bump into other Pentax users when I'm out and about but I've got to admit there are far more Nikon and Canon users. I've seen a few Pentax film camera users too, especially when shooting steam trains. Perhaps its part of the nostalgia trip for them.
Not all Pentax Users are members of PUF though. There are a few Pentax people in our camera club but only three of us are members here, Barrie and John (DOIK) being the other two.
But like I always say, who cares who uses what camera - lets see the colour of your photos before passing judgement.
When I was a working journalist no one gave a toss what typewriter you used.

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Yeah, but an Olivetti Valentine is still pretty cool judging by ebay prices
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gartmore wrote:
Yeah, but an Olivetti Valentine is still pretty cool judging by ebay prices

My wife has a nice red one which was her grandmothers, don't think it's been used for decades

As for fellow Pentax users I met one last year in Beddgelert with a new K50, but on a plus note in America the Q rules


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Russ wrote
Maybe its just Hampshire that's devoid of Pentax folk. undefined

I saw a stormtrooper K-R at Stokes Bay last summer but that is it as far as seeing Pentax out and about in Hampshire.

Epithet Man

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I'm frequently out and about in Hampshire (and occasionally even with one of my Pentax cameras). Will be there this weekend hunting flowers, chickens and small children in my in-laws' garden. Quite a test for the AF speed



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We have one Pentax owner (not seen any of his photographs) in the camera club and I've met three others, bforbes, blythman and geordie01, members of this forum. I really should get out more



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I sea few around and one 4 days a week in work

I have met them in Llangollen, Burry Port, Liverpool, Manchester, The Anderton Boat Lift, and in Ty Mawr, Cefn Mawr

And I am really unobservant
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Re: Gartmore and Ron Spillman : Yes -- I was a lecturer for the Pentax Club of Great Britain in the 'Good 'ole days' and did a few Hotel shows for Peter & Liz Cox and everyone thought they learnt a lot. Wonder if they are still OK -- never hear about them now .
been a member of Pentax Club since the Ron Spillman era! Got COMPUTERISED at last - DIGITISED? Taken the PLUNGE - BUT FILM STILL RULES !!!
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I was here in April 2012 and there were literally hundreds of people about with their cameras when suddenly I spotted another Pentax, so I let him use my tripod
And the only other time I've bumped into another Pentaxian was outside the Millenium Stadium before a rugby match and there was a young lad with a fluorescent orange K-30.

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I saw 4 Pentax users once in a day, I was in Spain on holiday and saw 3 at the Alhambra and 1 in Granada Old Town.

My British record was 3 in one day in North Wales.

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"A Pentax User"!!! "We should have him stuffed"

Thank you, Fawlty Towers.



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we have two more pentax user's at the camera club i go to
i saw 1 at blackpool a couple of years ago
1 down in weymouth last year
and plenty at whitby
cheers Neil
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In my travels I rarely see another Pentax. 2 during 6 weeks in South America in 2012, none in Turkey (6 weeks) or Spain or UK (6 weeks between them). On the other hand I don't spend much time looking at the cameras others use or look for Pentaxes but I'm sure I would notice it if there really were many more of them.
There are 2 other Pentax users in my camera club (which only has about 30 members).


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John wrote:

Oddly, whenever I'm out and about in a group of photographers I seem to be surrounded by Pentax Users....

I was expecting this....

I decided in time to buy all my family members Pentax cameras.
Then I will be surrounded by them.

If I ever see one outside my family circle, I'll report about it.

Regards, Horst
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