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Link Posted 04/06/2002 - 18:39

I'll be in London this August on vacation and I would like to not be wooried about random airport CT scans. I'll take my chances bringing the film over, but I would like to get it developed at least to the negative stage. I'm sure that there are an untold number of photo places in London, but can anyone suggest some place in particular? I'm open to either quick developing or shipping to the US.


Link Posted 13/06/2002 - 22:52
If you are worried about film being X-rayed, I have always understood that the most resistant colour film would actually be Kodachrome. This is because it is basically a black-and-white film until the colour dyes are added from the processing chemicals, quite unlike any other colour film on the market. That is what I would, and do, use and you could happily enter your USA address on the labels and the films would be waiting for you on your return.
That's the "lateral thinking" bit, but if you want to shoot colour negative material there are probably hundreds of outlets who can process and print the same day wherever you go in the UK.
If you want professional quality labs, that is another matter, and buying perhaps a copy of "Amateur Photographer" when you arrive will give you several options.
Hope this helps, and maybe someone who lives in London can post a more specific reccomendation?
Best regards, John


Link Posted 19/06/2003 - 18:22
I've used the chemist (that's like a pharmacy) next to the Earl's Court tube station (not Boots). If it is print film, they will do it in 1 or 5 hours (there is a price difference) and if it is slide film, they will take about 3 working days. All development there includes a replacement of Agfa print or Kodak slide film and the print developing is done right in the front of the shop (you will see the developing machines).

Another option I've used is mailing all of my film back to a place in the USA half way through a long trip. Then when I came back, my prints were waiting for me! (I had them sent to my parent's address since I was away for 5 months)
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