Faroe Islands


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Super set. The first wins for me.

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A beautiful set of images, please show us some more! These shots make me want a K-1.

BTW, I'm another Saab owner / Pentax user, my current Saab is a 2007 9-3 Aero, which cost me £1550 a year and a half ago and is my current daily driver. I also have a Honda S2000, which tends to get used at the weekends, weather permitting. The Saab has been absolutely reliable and is a much underrated vehicle, it is a supreme motorway cruiser with the most comfortable seats known to man. No issues getting parts for these, they are readily available.

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Wrexham AFC! Well I'll be blowed ...

I lived in Wrexham for about 5 or 6 years in the early 60s but moved away to Shropshire in my mid-senior school years. That school was called the Yale Technical Grammer school which was almost next the Wrexham AFC football ground. I used go to see them play home matches there on the terraces, they were always near the top off the 4th division with a strong rivalry with Chester AFC.



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A few more photos from out trip to the Faroes

The legend of Kópakonan, literally meaning 'the Seal Woman' (selkie), is one of the best-known folktales in the Faroe Islands. Seals were believed to be former humans who voluntarily sought death in the ocean. Once a year, on Twelfth Night, they were allowed to come on land, shed their skins and amuse themselves as human beings, dancing and enjoying themselves. This statue was erected right above the sea in the village of Mikladalur on the island of Kalsoy in 2014 to commemorate the legend of the selkie.

This old house on the north Faroe island of Kalsoy reminded us of something from Lord of The Rings.

Sunset over Leitisvatn, the largest lake in the Faroes, on the island of Vagar

Water from Leitisvatn on Vagar, the largest lake in the Faroe Islands, tumbles into the sea at the falls of Bøsdalafossur. The sea stack, Geitisskoradrangur, can be seen in the background.

Another view of Kallur lighthouse on Kalsoy

View from the ridge on Middagsfjall Mountain over Funningsfjørður on the island of Eysturoy on a sunny Faroese day!

For a video of our Faroes trip see: YouTube
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Wow, what a difference when the sun's out...another great set.




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Absolutely fantastic!
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What excellent photos of an awesome looking place!

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