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I have an FA 100-300 and I am considering replacing it with a DA 55-300. I am planning to use it for some sports fotography (youth football) and as a travel zoom. For low light and when a long zoom is not needed I have a DA 50-135.

I would appreciate your opinion, is there a significant difference between the 2 lenses and would you recommend the "upgrade" or should I invest my money elsewhere?


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I have not used the FA100-300, but by reputation it is not quite as good as the FA80-320, which I have.

My Dad has the DA 55-300, and it is far more usable at the long end than the 80-320. I try to keep the FA below 250mm and stopped down to f/8, but the DA can be used at any focal length even wide open.

Don't get me wrong, it's not prime sharp at 300mm wide open, but it's respectable and as such I'd say it's a worthy upgrade for the kind of things your talking about.
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If you ask nicely you could maybe send the money to his Spanish bank if he has one, if so you don't pay for the transfer or at least a lot less.

The DA55-300 is always regarded as a solid performer so I think it's safe to get it.

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I have the 55-300 and rate it highly, however considering your requirements "sports photography" I'm not 100% sure it's ideally suited as it can hunt slightly with focus at the long end - always gets there but it might just miss a few important moments

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Thanks for your comments and advice! This was enough to convince me and I took a quick decision to buy one. I found a 6 month old one at a very reasonable price here in Finland and took it.

I look forward to testing it.


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