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Hi folks,

I've got the FA* 28-70, and am thinking of supplementing it with the FA* 80-200.

Anyone got any experience of the FA* 80-200 ?

regards ...... philip


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I'm afraid my only experience of the FA* 80-200 is my eyes watering at the price...

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I find the FA* 80-200 to be a bit on the heavy side, although it is fairly well balanced when used with a K5 and grip. My copy is very slightly soft at f2.8 when used at around 200mm, but from 80 to 180 it is pretty good, and stopped down slightly it is top notch

I find there is something special about the colours from my FA* lenses - I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but they seem "richer" yet not over-saturated.

I've owned a DA* 50-135 for as long as my FA* 80-200, but I nearly always choose the FA* over the DA* when going out shooting. I've bought and sold many lenses, this is one I don't think I'll part with in a hurry

This is a crop of a shot taken at 93mm, f2.8 - 1/125 - iso400

and this is the original

This is a crop of one taken at 200mm, f2.8 1/200 iso400

and this is the original

Both handheld, dull lighting (this morning) - jpegs from camera and no PP at all. I'm sure they would scrub up nicely with a little sharpening



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Thanks for that LennyBloke, and indeed for the images. I know what you mean about how FA's render images, hence why the serious interest in acquiring the 80-200mm.



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The images as uploaded onto the website for this post don't look quite as sharp as on my computer - I'm not particularly good at resizing, or any form of post-processing for that matter !
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