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I'm a new member having just bought a K200D, 18-55 and 50-200 lenses, grip and Metz flash. I'm new to Pentax, new to digital and new to autofocus as I've previously (happily) used Praktica SLRs for years.
My question is - I'm not used to the flat eyecup that came with the 200D and much prefer the deeper cup-style eyecup. Are any available? I remember my Praktica eyecups used to be a perfect fit for Canon EOS, so are there any of the other makes I can use on my new body?
Thanks, Gary


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There is one that you can get from Cameraworld.com in London or vie internet. It costs 24.99. I'm waiting for one myself.

Hope that helps.


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Pretty much any viewfinder accessory made for a Pentax SLR since the M series in the 1970's will fit any other (film or digital) made since, so you'll find eBay a good source. Many also have success with accessories made for the Olympus OM series cameras as they are a similar size.

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AVOID this one: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300227751505

It's rubbish. It's poorly made and has to be used with the supplied adapter which doesn't fit properly. The seller never refunded me when I returned it either, so I wasted money on return postage as well as on the item itself.

(This is not typical of my experience with buying cheap accessories from Hong Kong, where value for money and customer service is usually OK).
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Thanks for the help you guys
Regards, Gary

Daniel Bridge

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If you can get a Jessops branded rubber eyecup, for pentax/olympus (I think), that will fit fine, it's what I use.


P.S. Having found none on ebay, I might have to start stock-piling any I see...
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