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Link Posted 14/12/2011 - 20:30
Can anyone tell me why this always seems to be the case. There are some lovely images in this week's competition "Low Light". I'd like to have seen what lenses were being used but the information isn't available. I've used PhotoMe to see what it tells me about my own lens but that is not clear. There was a number but without a look up guide for the number I'm none the wiser.
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It does seem to be the only box that has no options or where nothing can be entered in. My entry used the 18-55mm kit lens



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Well, Frankie,

Some people want to strip the EXIF data off, to make the file smaller.
You can find this quite often as a"Save for the Internet" option.

Some of us do not always use Pentax AF lenses all the time. Stick a manual lens on, select the right focal length and focus manually - there is nothing to tell the body what lens is mounted. To take an exteme case, an old M42 50mm prime - or similar -(sssh, whisper it gently, it might not even be a Pentax lens) via a M42 to K-mount adapter, and now what have you got? Some East European lenses have nice things like 16-blade diaphragms, and the bokeh is wonderful.

So there's two reasons for you ...
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I found that the lens information is removed when I have done some post processing in Photoshop Elements. I guess this makes sense if you have done any cropping but PSE seems to do it for any edit.

I just tweaked the levels on my "Low Light" shot and the lens information was removed.



Link Posted 15/12/2011 - 09:24
Thanks for your replies and thanks Bernard for telling me what lens you used, lovely shot. I think there's more to it than people deliberately removing it. Is it recorded correctly in the first place, I wonder.
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Link Posted 15/12/2011 - 09:29
If you want to preserve the EXIF data use "Save As" instead of "Save for Web and Devices", although I think there is an option in CS5 to retain the info even in the latter case.
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johnriley wrote:
If you want to preserve the EXIF data use "Save As" instead of "Save for Web and Devices", although I think there is an option in CS5 to retain the info even in the latter case.

Yes, there is. Under 'metadata', below the 'convert to sRGB' option.

You get to choose from several options, from 'none' to 'all'.
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I've just checked on PhotoMe with a shot that hadn't previously been opened in any other software and the lens type is there. So, I guess I just have to figure out which software of mine strips the data out. That doesn't help me with other people's pictures though.
K5 + 18-135mm kit lens


Link Posted 15/12/2011 - 16:47
It may not be your software.

My pic was copied from my camera to PC memory
It was then "saved as" to a CD for archiving
It was uploaded to Photobucket direct from the CD
It was then transfered to the competition page,

NO exif was recorded so I edited the pic and manually added the info, but the lens remained undefined as there is no way to manually add this

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