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I have been looking on amazon web site for a printer that prints good quality photos, been looking at the xp312 or the xp610 which are priced 50 to 100 does anybody know of a printer that fits the bill and are satisfied with

Regards Dave
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python118 wrote:
I have been looking on amazon web site for a printer that prints good quality photos, been looking at the xp312 or the xp610 which are priced 50 to 100 does anybody know of a printer that fits the bill and are satisfied with

Regards Dave

What are you looking for Dave? A4? A3? 6 inks? 4 inks?

I can recommend Epson printers in general, the ones with at least 6 inks are much better for photos. If you are into black and white prints though you will need to spend a lot more, as the cheaper inkjet printers are very poor at producing true black and white.


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A4 with six inks would be nice not to fussed about black white, its just that you read the reviews and think where do you stop
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Dave, as this is a photography forum I assume that you want a to print photos. The printer manufacturers seem to sell some printers incredibly cheaply but make their profits from selling expensive ink cartridges. The better printers are quite expensive both to buy and maintain as a set of four or six sets of ink is costly. For top quality large prints it may be more economic to have them professionally printed.

If you want good quality postcard size prints to pass around family and friends the small dye sublimation process printers like the Canon Selphy series are easy to use and free from the problem of blocked ink jets. The running cost is higher than getting your images printed professionally.


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I started out my OCD Obsession with an epson R240, Still not a bad place to start I dont think, I have prints from it that are still as good as the day they were printed.
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My last two A4 printers have been from the Epson Stylus Photo series, and they've both been excellent. I would assume the latest incarnation, the P50, is just as good (I have the older R265). Unfortunately, the P50 is above your target price range -- about 146 on Amazon. If you're using it mainly for photos, I'm sure the extra outlay would give better results than Epson's all-in-ones.

The ink cost is high, the best part of 50 for six cartridges, but some good-quality compatibles are available for a fraction of that. Haven't tried them with my latest printer but they worked pretty well on my earlier one. If you're producing a lot of prints, it will be cheaper to go to an outside company. But for ultimate control, you can't beat doing it yourself.

Good luck in your search.



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I had a big epson px710 with 6 inks, it was good but the ink did clog regularly, and the front paper tray seemed like a good idea but did jam a lot. It recently died and I got the xp312, only 4 inks, its much smaller, loads paper from the back which does not seem to jam as much, its also pretty quick, I quite like it, if I want good quality prints I'll get them done professionally, but for friends and family the xp312 is good enough, cheaper to run too.


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to chuck in my tuppence worth...
I have always preferred HP printers, for one main reason, each time you replace a cartridge you get a new clean head, all the Epsons I ever had just replaced the ink reservoir, but I don't know if that is still the case.
Worth considering...
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I use a Canon Pixmia iP4950 which is A4 size and produces excellent colour and mono prints. Original cartridges are expensive so I use 7 Day shop compatibles at about 17.00 per set.
By the way if you are using Lightroom 5 I have found that letting the printer manage the printing rather than the profiles available produces a better result - contrary to all the other information out there.

Dave H


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I've only ever had Epson and have no complaints. I ventured into "Wilkinson's" recently for the first time and was amazed to see that they stock ink, both branded and 3rd party. The prices were also a very pleasant surprise


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i have an Epson Stylus Photo R1800 that uses 6 inks ,they are around 100 from 7day shop for genuine epson. have read reports it does not play well with non epson inks which also fade a lot faster. the bonus for me was i picked this printer up about 2 yrs ago for 90 complete with all the bits, rear tray and rear feed rollers,from ebay. it gave me a cheap way into A3+ printing. the print quality is very good.
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I have the Epson XP600 and I am happy with it. Make sure you get an additional set of inks at time of purchase. The trial size cartridges supplied with the printer are very small indeed and do not last long at all. I do not do a lot of printing so I prefer to use Epson inks and Epson paper.
Regards, Philip


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Canon ix6550 is a money pit to run



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As a result of my experience of many printers, both at home and at work (before retiring a few years ago), I use only HP and only OEM cartridges. Even the four ink models produce very good photo prints. I have an HP Photosmart printer from 2005 that still reliably prints well, up to A4 size, alongside a recent HP Officejet inkjet printer which, despite not being labelled as a photo printer, produces very good colour or mono prints up to A3. Both printers cost about 120 at the time. For B&W mono prints I set the printer to use the black cartridge only, with pleasing results.

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