Elder Flower and Bug


Link Posted 23/05/2020 - 23:48
This afternoon's experiment in the garden was to see how well the Irix 150mm macro and Pentax Q-S1 would play together. The subject was a temptingly low cluster of flowers on the elder tree. The wind around the flowers was gusty but a sprig of flowers (not an entire cluster) was held in place by a newly arrived flower clamp. Even then, the flowers were vibrating a lot. The Irix 150mm was mounted on a focusing rack on a tripod, with the Q-S1 hanging off the end. So tiny, white, brightly lit, vibrating flowers against a dark background - a bit of a challenge for lens and camera.

Here are some of the results. All were about 1:1 magnification, the first uncropped, the others cropped. The was a small amount of coloured fringing around some bright areas that were not quite in focus, but nothing to be concerned about. Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised at how well the lens/camera combination worked.

The other surprise was the tiny bug that joined in. It was never still, trying to cling on while being blown around by every slight air movement - not easy when you're only just over 1mm long (estimated from size of image on sensor). At the time, I thought it was a mini-spider trying to start a web. On looking at the pictures, though, it seems to have six legs and two antennae so is an insect. The shape of its head reminds me of a grasshopper, but it could be something totally different. Do any of you bug lovers have any suggestions?

Thoughts, comments (and bug identification ) welcome, as usual.




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