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I recently started to take photography more seriously and to say "no" to mediocre shots. However I also want to create a portfolio of my best mediocre shots taken in the last 5 years. Being mediocre shots, I had to pp most of them to find the right mood, since at that time I did not even care about waiting for the right light or right subject.
Most of them are postcard pictures, but I quite enjoy them, especially after I printed them.
Today I'd like to show you a series of 3 shots I took 4 years ago in a forgotten place in Italy (Marche), to see which one of these shots should go in my "mediocre" shots portfolio.

which one do you think is worth something?
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Image 1 is a bit of an "optical illusion" (at least, to my eyes) due to the perspective of being much higher than the building, and capturing too much of the background. Maybe it would have "toned-down" if taken in landscape mode?

Image 2 - too much "hills", and not enough of the building, which I also think is too far-right to immediately draw the eye towards it.

Image 3 - a much closer crop than image 2, which I like. That said, perhaps lacking a wee bit of contrast to "pull" the shot a tad. I'm not familiar with Marche in Italy, but of the places I've been to in Italy, the roof tiles are a bit more red/terracotta-coloured, so perhaps a slight tweak of red should help it along?

They are only my opinions and observations, but pay absolutely no attention to me... I'm getting old, senile, and quite possibly myopic and colour-blind too!! Apart from that, I feel as good as I did 30 years ago!!


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Hi, your comments are absolutely welcomed.

1) toned-down, you mean you think it is too saturated?
2) yes the eye is drawn to the hill on the left, you are right, that's why I tried to "paint" some highlights on the right to give more importance to the right side
3) we do not use terracotta for all the roofs the color can vary from red to brown like in this case depending to the age of the material. The highlights made it brighter anyway.

does it mean you like the third most?
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What I meant by "toned-down" was in reference to the "optical illusion" I feel it creates in portrait mode. The saturation looks pretty-well balanced though. Yes, you're right - 3 looks the best, IMHO.
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