dust and weather proof or what


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Not something i would do with mine ....but

pentax camera dust and water test

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I don't think Pentax claim any camera is weather or dust-proof !!

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Pentax K3 gripped,and some lenses

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But have they ever repaired one with water or dust ingress.... "NO"
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I think the claim is weather and dust resistant, or, in some cases "all weather" - not weather or dust proof. I have found torrential rain has been OK, but I am careful to make sure the camera and lens have totally dried before attempting to change lens, card or battery. Water must not be allowed to get inside.
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It's probably not a good idea to extend a zoom lens, such as the 18-135WR, while on the camera in dust and rain - the decrease in internal pressure could easily force micro-particles and water past the seals. It is possible that this is how some reported failures of WR may have been caused.



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With zoom lenses, I always wipe the extended barrel dry before zooming back in. My theory is that it lightens the load on the seals. So far so good.
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There was an image and article in the last couple of years of a 645Z + lens ( cant recall which one ) frozen solid in a large cube of ice and still functioning


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As I said not something I would do with mine.

Also great to see he uses a Pentax in such an extreme environment as a dusty war zone in Afghanistan

Pentax K3 gripped,and some lenses

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I've used mine in heavy snowfall and extreme cold (-20oC) and never had a problem, although I always do as John does, i.e. wipe the barrel before zooming in, etc. I've also used for prolonged periods in the (inevitable?) rain that we get in the UK without a problem - I hope I'm not tempting fate!

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I've used mine in heavy snow, an ice storm, extreme cold, extreme heat, desert, dust, rain so heavy you could barely see in front of you, and at sea with waves breaking over the boat. Zoomed in and out. Never a problem.
Not sure I'd put it under a tap though - that might be asking for problems .
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vic cross

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You dug that one out of the archives. It's been around a long time. ( K7 and K5).
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I was using my K1 a couple of months ago, It was on a low set tripod in about 1 ft of sea with an incoming tide. I was using my phone to fire the camera remotely from the waters edge. A wave toppled the whole lot and the camera completely submerged. I rinsed it with a bottle of drinking water that I had in my car. It still works perfectly. No ill effect at all. I have regularly use my camera`s in rain over the past few years. The only problem I have encountered was a stiff on off switch on my K5 probably due to a soaking in 20 ft waves (on a lifeboat) and not cleaning with clean water afterwards.


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Sorry to have to offer the opposite view but I like most others proclaimed how good Pentax weather resistance is and used my cameras in adverse conditions no issues and got some great images until nearly 4000 worth of kit all failed in one day.

Persistent but not torrential rain. Both cameras were protected by op-tech rain shields battery was not changed nor cards accessed. One K3ii filled with water between the battery grip and the body and both are ruined (yes it was Pentax grip with WR) the other ingressed through the card door (this one has dried out and is usable but developed aperture flutter problem. On top of which the weather seal came out from between the barrel and zoom ring on my DFA 150-450..

The lens has been sent for repair but I haven't seen it in three months and I'm not convinced I ever will again.

I've spent three years working towards a great opportunity in the UK's top race series which I now can't persue. And pretty much have to quit photography altogether.

Bummer really!
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Where I feel they've crossed the line is in some of their advertising, which implies a much larger degree of sealing capability than they will actually honour in a warranty claim. That's borderline false advertising and doesn't sit well with me.

My K-30 was advertised with a dubious picture that to some suggested it was actually being fully submerged.

Personally I've had no issues with mine, but I don't push it either. Still I've been known to make a point of standing and shooting longer as the Canikon crowd run for the shelter and plastic bags.
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