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Having 3 young children means a lot of my time is spent at the park, theres only so many pictures of the kids I can take so I have also been taking pictures of Ducks. Whilst it may not be everyones favorite subject I thought I'd share some of my personal favorites to date.

No 1

No 2

No 3 - I like this one but does this work for others?

No 4

No 5 Any preference between 4 or 5 ?

No 6 (Duck with Botox !)

No 7

No 8 Any prefenrence between 7 & 8 ?

No 9

Any comments appreciated,




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The 1,2 and last shot's are very nice. Great use of DOF and lovely colour to the ducks feathers.
My piccies.


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I rather like ducks (I think there's a few in my portfolio) and there's some good stuff here. Like snappychappy I rather like the first two. The front duck on the first looks properly inquisitive and the second pic is rather nice - and so is the last in fact, although it looks on my monitor like they both have a bit of a colour cast. Not sure what post-processing application you have but it's pretty easy to remove in photoshop or elements. Duck with botox is very cool and well done to have got her mid-quack. I like the use of DOF in the others, although a couple of them look as if they slope slightly to the left - again easy to straighten in post-processing.

Good stuff though. Ducks are great subjects i reckon. They are full of character and often exhibit some interesting behaviours which can make for some great pics

Mat W

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Thanks for your comments.

Mat, I didn't notice the slope so will have a go at correcting this along with the color cast. Post processing is as area I need to get better at (as well as taking pictures !).


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