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In the absence of many butterflies I went out to bother the dragonflies. A local farmer dredged his pond last year and removed all
the bushes and brambles that had grown up around it. Opening it up has attracted a lot of new visitors already.

1. A female emperor would have preferred a bit of peace while laying her eggs but this damselfly had other ideas.

2. It took a long time for the male emperor to stop whizzing about and alight. (I've failed completely to catch any in flight!)

3. This four spotted chaser has been chasing too often from the state of its hindwing, which is gathering damage.

4. The same dragonfly from a different angle. It had made a favourite of this perch and returned to it often.

5. Finally, I saw something quite large hopping and crawling about in a nearby bush. It turned out to be a
Rosels bush cricket. These only lived in the far south but have been following the warming climate North, apparently
by spreading along motorway verges and reservations!

All with a K3ii and PLM 55-300.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Well worth giving the dragonflies a bit of bother!

All excellent photos, but the one that stands out for me in No. 1. Getting the damselfly in the shot as well as the dragonfly lifts it from 'just' being a portrait of a dragonfly to a glimpse of pond life in action. There's a hint of damselfly wings moving frantically fast and, to cap it all, reflections in the water of both dragonfly and damselfly which gives it a 3-D feel. Love it.

How do you find the PLM 55-300 for this sort of thing? Do you think you would have got the first shot with, say, the old 55-300 or DA*300?



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Lovely colours and sharp images - especially like #1 with the damselfly just adding to the scene!


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Thank you both.
I don't have a DA*300 but I do have a standard 55-300 that takes equally good pictures. I tend to leave that on the K5 since the PLM is designed for the K3. The PLM's auto focus is marginally quicker but image quality is comparable I think. The only extra benefit is that it's quiet.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

My page on Photocrowd - link
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