Do we need nother camera


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Already having a K-5 at the time (2011-2012) but finding it a bit heavy to lug around on holiday, I bought a s/h K-R in VGC, but TBH I was rather underwhelmed by the image quality as compared with the K-5.

So, knowing that we were planning to go to the Far East for a long guided holiday in 2014, I bought a brand new, but end of line, K-30 (from Currys PCWorld and it had a 2 yr warrantee!) as I wanted the K-5 type sensor, weather-proofing and so - and was immediately impressed by the better image quality with the same lenses as compared with the K-R, and the better general facilities, and have been ever since. In fact that body is still the go-to one for holidays, days out and so on where the "extra quality", burst speed (etc.) - and weight! - of a K-3 is not likely to be justified.

No plans to buy an upgrade to the K-30, but, OTOH nowadays, although it has rarely given any trouble, I'm very aware that the dreaded shutter block failure could happen "at any time" - and would really like to get that fixed before any future holiday!
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I always think, when I'm tempted by an upgrade, what do I actually want this for.

If the answer is only (or mainly) to get better photos then I remind myself that you can take an excellent photo on dirt cheap gear, and that's its the eye and brain that determine what's a great snap, not the gear you take it with.

And every time so far that has convinced me I don't need an upgrade!


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I got a K30 just as they discontinued it too, spring 2014 I think, on the basis the extra cost couldn't justify the K50

After seeing the k70 come out about a year later I spent ages weighing up trading in, but soon realised (applying my rule above) there was no justifiable reason for it and I was merely being tempted by that hard wired desire we all have as humans to always be wanting for something


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Do we need another camera??

Speaking personally, l don't believe that my gear has ever been the factor that limits my photography.

So I have never NEEDED another camera. Do I WANT another camera is a totally different question.

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I "upgraded" a few years ago from the K5 to the K5iis, at the time when the K5iis was nearing being discontinued; a good deal from SRS trading in the K5, I ended up having the K5iis at a great price with the two year warranty.

At that moment in time it made sense, and I had no regrets.

Fast forward few years, and I have managed to crack the back LCD on the camera. It's still working, thankfully, so all cosmetic at the moment.

A quote for the repair from Johnsons was £199+VAT.

Suffice to say I won't be sending it in for repair.
So it now feels similar to the situation regarding upgrading from the K5, with my opinion now being the K3ii (for a brief period it would seem).

I don't want to upgrade, nor do I want to spend on fixing my K5iis.
I can live with what I have, but will keep a keen eye open on the classifieds; personally I'd rather buy a used body for slightly more than the cost of repair.

Come to think about it, if nobody did upgrade there would probably not be any used camera bodies for sale

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Do we need another camera?

Yes, as I generally use two bodies when out on a shoot.

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Nother Cameras are very good. I've had one for years!

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That reminds me of the name of a car sales firm I pass a lot in South Croydon ..... ĎAncaster Motorsí ...... it is always impossible for me to stop imagining that thereís not been an L thatís dropped off at the start of their sign .
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Is this the 'Two Ronnies Thread '

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Algernon wrote:
Is this the 'Two Ronnies Thread '



Some day I might convince myself that I do not need another camera, but not today, not when I have a little money in the bank and am still breathing .
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