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Do any of you guys out there have any knowledge, use a digital projector for presentations/talks? There seems to a paucity of information in the camera mags on this subject. I assume that LCD is better than DLP technology when it comes to projecting stills? I am looking for a 2,000 to 3000 lumens, XGA projector but what manufacture and where to buy from in the UK. Any info would be gratefully accepted.

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I use a NEC LT20 projector breif spec is below;

System 12 degree DDR DLP
Resolution XGA ( 1024*768 )
ANSI Lumens 1500
Contrast 2100:1
Lamp 156W P-VIP , 2000hrs. typical (3000hrs. Eco Mode)

Lens f=28.43-32.73mm 2.0-2.30:1
Interchangeable No
Image Size 40" - 200" diagonal
Throw Distance 1.60m - 9.50m
Keystone Correction +/-8°

We have two in the company that I work for, and I use them all the time for training courses with no problems.
The company that we used is link they where so helpfull. This model is no longer available, but if you talk to the people via the link they maybe able to help.


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If you are using it for a camera club, you will probably eventually need to go for 1400x1050 resolution. This is becoming the basic size now for most competition entries.

We have a Canon projector and those who are in the know at the club reckon this is probably the best available at the moment. The model is an A80 I think?
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Moved from the 'Just Joined' as 'General Digital Photography' is more relevant to the question, and may well get you more answers.

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