Difficulty fitting old lens to Pentax K-X


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Hope you can help. Have had a good look around and can't see this topic covered elsewhere - however apologies if I missed it. My Dad has finally relinquished his K1000 and bought a new K-X [317.00 on Amazon]. He wants to use his old PK-A fit lenses on the new camera but these do not lock into place on the camera body and the whole lens rotates when he tries to focus etc. He says the fit is too tight to rotate the lens far enough for it to 'click' into place. Unfortunately I don't live near him to pop round and see what's going on. Anyone got any ideas ? Appreciate any thoughts and advice. Many thanks, Gary


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I'm wondering if the lenses really are K mount and not M42 with K adapter? Only explanation I can think of to explain '..the whole lens rotates..'
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JohnX wrote:
'..the whole lens rotates..'

Perhaps I should have said 'the lens slips' ? as the mount moves too, not having been locked in place. They are not M42 conversions - this was my initial though too. I'm completely stumped.


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Just a quick thought GaryJohn:
Do you have an AF lens that you could try on the KX?
If you have an AF body yourself, perhaps you could try one of your Dad's lenses on it.

That way you could nail down just where the problem really is.

My K20, and the two digital bodies that came before it, had no problem with any legacy lenses, whether they were any flavour of AF, KA or K, or even Tamron Adaptall-2 KA and K.

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Thanks for the input Geoff.
His camera shipped with a standard 18 - 55 kit lens and this works fine and attaches / detaches as it should. Unfortunately it's a bit difficult to try his old lenses on my K10d body as this is in Yorkshire and the lenses are in Hampshire ! He's 80 this year and is struggling to resolve this - hence my involvement. For the equivalent cost of travelling down to try to sort this out I should perhaps just buy him a newer lens ? Gary


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possible that the old lenses are slightly damaged at the lens mount... a slight bend in one of the flanges might have a "Worn in" fit with his older camera, but the new camera, being digital with lens contacts and all, is just built to tighter tolerences....

what brand lenses may I ask?
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Why don't you ask someone who lives in Hampshire to call and see your dad. I'm sure someone on this forum could PM you to exchange addresses as this lot on here are all very helpful and I think very trustworthy.
Just a thought but do as you see fit. CHEERS Vic.
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On some older lenses the flange that protects the aperture actuating lever is higher than on later designs, some of these can in some cases actually prevent the lens been mounted.

I think Vics suggestion is a good one, c'mon you lot, who lives in Hampshire?
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Where in Hampshire is he?
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I am back in Winchester in a couple of days.

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I have a K-x and a selection of older lenses, both K-mount and M42 with converters. I've experienced issues with certain converters that don't fit correctly and allow the lens to rotate loosely, but never had any issue with any K-mount lens. I suspect there will be a simple explanation for this that will be obvious if someone can see this 'in the flesh', I'm sure one of te kind individuals on the forum will indeed pop round and help to sort this out.


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First off - thanks to everyone for their interest and offers of help and support - very much appreciated. A real credit to the community here. Whilst we've all been discussing his predicament, my Dad has been very proactive and has taken the mounts off and has reshaped them with a variety of tools from the shed - and reports that they now fit ! He used the mount on his new lens as a template and just got busy... I guess there is something to be said for the 'make do and mend' approach. Regards Gary


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Hats off to your Dad - that's pretty awesome! I've yet to come across a K-fit lens that doesn't easily mount to a DSLR, but if I do, I'll know where to send it!
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