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Iv`e downloaded the software which enables me to switch DEBUG on and off via a USB cable, that`s fine. What on earth do I do to find the DEBUG menu in the K10 and does anyone have instructions please for altering the focus. I have also downloaded the charts for focus testing from Yvon Borque.

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Is this any help? link
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Hello Cedrid,

First download some focus adjustment chart and print it.

Usefull article:

I did my focus adjusting thanks to these instructions (THEY WORKED WITH K10d firmware 1.10 - It is no longer available on Pentax site as they replaced it by 1.11)

Pentax DSLR focus correction

If your Pentax *istDL v1.03, *istDL2, *istDS v2.02, *istDS2 v1.02, K100D v1.02, K110D v1.02 or K10D v1.10 is not focusing right, there's remedy for your camera that comes with newest firmware update. Get your latest firmware update first from the and then follow the steps below. Prior to changing mode to debug, I switched to central AF point. It's easier to see what you're focusing on. Grid value on the following examples - 0.1 inches (2.54mm). Photographed at 45 angle, a step of the ruler = 5um AF correction.


1. Your K10D' firmware version must be 1.10.

2. Test shot for focus trouble.

3. Turn the camera OFF.
While pressing [PLAY]+[OK], Turn the camera ON.
You can see firmware version on LCD screen.

4. Firmware version is appeared,
then press [Fn]->[Fn]->[INFO]->[MENU] within 5 seconds.
You get service menu!!!

5. by pressing [right key],change DEBUG MODE [DIS] to DEBUG MODE [EN].
then press [OK].
(save and LCD will be black out)

6. Press [MENU] and go to SETUP tab.

then, Press [^Up key], you can see TEST MODE.

7. Select AF TEST menu. now you have AF correction menu.
If you have Front-focusing, reduce the value.
If you have back-focusing, increase the value.
after adjust some value, press [OK] and quit out of setup menu.

8. TEST for focus, find out that focus is correct.
(repeat this from 6 for correct focus.)
9. Go to service menu(step 3,4).
then press [OK]. (save and LCD black out)

I used ruler photographed from macro distance at 45 angle. Autofocused precisely on a 4.5 line (maybe a little above. Picture below comes with corrected AF point, picture above appear backfocused. If your camera is front-focusing, reduce the value, if it's backfocusing - increase the focus correction value.

Disclaimer - I cannot vouch for the accuracy or inaccuracy of this - any use is entirely at your own risk.

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Thanks gents, I have a much better idea now. Will set to it at the weekend.

Very grateful for your help.

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Remember any adjustment you make in debug mode will affect all of your lenses. There is no individual adjustment unlike the K20.

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Thanks Steve, I will carry out a series of shots as per the thoughts of Yvon Borque. Just need a little time. At present the K10 is set at the zero or centre position. Had a few comments refering to back focus but I need to be a little more scientific. In particular my Tamron 28-300 is the worst offender but the standard lens and Pentax 50-200 also have the same trait to a lesser degree. I guess it`s best to try all lenses and then decide an average change to the focal point which is acceptable overall. Now iv`e got a K20 D I can afford to adjust the K10 so I have left debug mode enabled. I used the Tamron on my K20 last night and the results were amazing, that proves the lens quality. Aside from making a change which will average out the issue I think If I test shoot all my lenses and make notes I could leave debug mode enabled and make changes via the menu for each lens change. A blacksmith engineering solution to what the K20 has as standard but a way around a problem, I hope.

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If your K10D has the latest firmware, you'll not get into debug mode unless you use a piece of software. designed by a Russian chap for the Samsung GX10, but works just the same for the K10D. I'll post a link if I can find it.

EDIT: Look here, and here is the software.
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Thanks Peter, that is the software I downloaded and used it via USB.

Very grateful for your help though, will post some shots before and after if I find it is out of kilter.

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You should probably adjust your camera for your most used lens. The changes you make will apply to all lenses.

I have also read that the K10D can store adjustment data for up to 4 lenses but I can't verify that.
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I adjusted the K10 to +350 microns and the improvements speak for themselves. First attempt at this, this was with the Tamron 28 - 300 which backfocussed. This picture was focussed half way across the face of the flower head. Taken on a tripod with SR off and 2 second delay with mirror up to eliminate shake. As an aside I have noticed how the K10 has a huge "clunk" as the shutter operates compared to the soft "glide" of the k20.

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Focus is on the rings below the rim of the chimney pot. Tamron 28 - 300 at 300 mm. Tripod mounted SR off and 2 second delay with mirror up to minimise shake.

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