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Two sets of pictures posted in one day... it must be the heat! Anyway, this little thing paid a visit while the camera was to hand. It would have been rude not to give it some attention, particularly as it posed where the sun would catch it at just the right angle and in one of the few places where the background would be good. K3 + Irix 150mm was in the hands, so that was what did the job. No flash, by the way, just good old sunlight.

The second picture as seen in the thread looks a bit dark to me. They both look better if you click and open the slightly bigger version, goodness knows why!

Thoughts, comments etc. welcome as always.





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Oops! Too quick with the title. That looks like a dragonfly pose, rather than damselfly. Anyone hazard a guess at the species?



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Looks very similar to a Common Darter, see my pic in the gallery, ps I'm no expert.


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loadoftripe wrote:
Looks very similar to a Common Darter, see my pic in the gallery, ps I'm no expert.

You could well be right!



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definitely Dragonfly with 4 wings Damsels have 2 i believe. A couple of good shots
K3 II and the odd lens or 2



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With my expert eye and can tell you that's a dragon fly
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Dragonflies - eyes are wraparound like a crash hat and wings outstretched at rest. Damselflies - one eye on each side of its head and wings neatly along the body when at rest. I like the 'see-through' wings on the first one.
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