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Just talked myself around to buy a DA 300 f4 and the price has gone back up😡.I am in a wheelchair and have a monopod and hide clamp ensemble attached to the chair whilst using my K5 ii and Bigma setup,bit Heath Robinson but works. Is the 300 f4 ok to use handheld, I know it is lighter than the Bigma but by how much?



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Hi Graham,

the 300mm F4 is fine handheld. I generally use mine at 1/500th second or above light permitting with or without the 1.4 HD tele adapter. It is good enough to use wide open. I've just weighed mine. 1.297 kg (2.85lb in old measurements) with hood attached. That makes around 2kg with K5 I think or 4.4 lb

799 ex display on SRS ebay. I bought mine for 599 used from Park Cameras. They were 639 in Black friday sale brand new I think.
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PS, Just now with tele adapter on (so harder to keep steady) hand held 1/400th F8...
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Back in the film history of days; most would use the rule of focal length for handheld should typically be above the shutter speed. If the set fixed focal length is 250mm then typically the handheld shutter speed should not drop below 1/250th.

But with stabilized camera bodies and all...

I've used the Sigma 300mm at below 1/1ooth, especially while panning with moving objects. If one is able to practically stabilize somewhat; one could easily go for a significantly slower shutter speed


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Thanks very much for the information,much appreciated.

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