DA 18-55 WR "better" on K-5 than K-7?


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There's a K-7 classified thread at the moment, and amid the discussion of whether the lens was part of the sale, was this comment:

obione wrote:
18-55 WR works far better on the k5

As the "for sale" thread isn't the place to start this discussion, I though I'd ask here. Does anyone agree? Can anyone explain the thinking?
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I can't see why this would be so.
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With the improved sensor on the K5, one could argue that all lenses work better on it!

John K


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He hopefully will see his name mentioned and answer this for us.


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Its almost certainly to do with lens and camera tolerances. QC allows a small range of error around the "ideal".
Say you allow a plus or minus 2% error in focus to achieve acceptable results. If your copy of a lens is at the -2% end of the range and your camera is at the +2% end of the scale then you now have a 4% error.
If the errors on the camera and lens are both at the same point of tolerence then you get a "perfect" result. Both don't have to be at the perfect 0% error point . If they are both at -2% that is also a "perfect" result.
So it is likely the camera to lens match is better on that particular lens and that particular K5.
.........all the gear, no idea!
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Hi Guys, I have being using a Pentax 18-55wr on my K20D for the last couple of years with no problem and being getting some very good results, now i have upgraded to a K5 and i would say that the 18-55wr struggles to keep up with the sensor but my sigma 17-70 is fine on both. Needing a weather resistant lens i have bought a Pentax 18-135wr and i have to say the image quality is fantastic, not sure what happened with the Photozone test but i would ignore it.

Regards Robin.



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JAK wrote:
With the improved sensor on the K5, one could argue that all lenses work better on it!


It's probably that the improved ISO results allow 'so-so' lenses like the kit lens to be used at their optimal aperture (f8?) without using slow shutter speeds (and introducing camera shake).


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nimasmi wrote:
obione wrote:
18-55 WR works far better on the k5

Sounds like the type of thing an ebay seller would say
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I've just bought a used 18-55WR as a backup to my DA17-70, haven't used it so far and considering how good the DA17-70 probably rarely will but this thread has just prompted me into at least doing a couple of comparision shots!!

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You may get different results using two different K7's or two K5's, not just a K7 & K5....


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heres two similar shots on both the k5 and k7 first shot is the 7 second is the 5, not the same exact shot but around the same focal length.

and the k5

Both are about the same


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I can't answer the question but I have to say that I've had some fantastic results with the kit lens for landscape photography and will continue to use it for this even though I also have a DA 16-45mm which is also fantastic.


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