DA 16-45 or 16-50


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Is there any difference between IQ of these two lenses ?


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I personally would say they are very close. However, the 16mm to 50mm is f/2.8 and weather sealed. The 16mmm to 45mm is f/4 and not weather sealed. The 16 -45 has quite good close focusing capabilities for a zoom in this price bracket. The manual focus operates smoothly for an AF lens, and I think they did a good job with this lens. Overall colours are good, images crisp and clear. However I personally would choose the DA* 16mm - 50mm
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Thanks Gareth.My priority is only IQ.
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I have both. The 16-45 is a fine lens - excellent for landscapes. However I find the bokeh a bit on the 'busy' side.
The DA*16-50 is, IMHO, sublime. The bokeh is lovely, and the f/2.8 is great indeed.

I would say the DA17-70 (which I had before the 16-50) is closer to the 16-50 in IQ (but f/4) - again with lovely bokeh and sharpness.

It does depend on what you mean by IQ, what your budget is, and whether you need SDM and weather sealing

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I dont mind WS and SDM. I follow sharpness.color,less distortion and less noise .


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Go for 16-50 then, Matt is right i have used all three lenses, 16-45 is nice but both 17-70 and 16-50 are one step ahead in terms of IQ, 16-50 even besting 17-70 in terms of central sharpness....at least with copies I had.


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Thanks everyone.
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