DA* 16-50mm f2.8 Question


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Hi there

My DA* 16-50mm jammed this afternoon on my K5. The battery was fully charged. It suddenly "froze" and I couldn't turn either the zoom or focus rings. I switched the camera off and removed it, then very gently eased the rings a little and they freed up. The assembly feels a little looser than it did before this happened, though, and when the lens is extended to 50mm there seems more play, i.e. waggling of lens barrel a bit. I could be imagining this but I don't think so. It felt very smooth and solid before the jam up.

Anyone have experience of jams on this lens? I've only just had it back from Pentax Service about ten days ago. I bought it new not long ago but found the focusing was out so that sharp pics were only possible at one aperture. They put that right, now this. Hmmn.
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The clue's in the fact that it's recently been dismantled, or at least 'serviced'. I'd send it straight back asap, i.e. to-day!


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I agree with John. K.
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Yep, box it up, send it back before any more damage is done!
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Thanks, guys. Yes, I think box and return is what I will do. It's from SRS so I know their help will be top notch.
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