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I've recently inherited a Pentax 6 x 7 and need to keep it safe from dust, bumps and scratches. It won't fit in any of the camera bags I have, but I don't want to buy one specifically to tote this monster around. I've a decent canvas ruck-sack and just want something simple and protective to wrap around the camera in the bag/in the drawer at home. I was thinking of some sort of neoprene cover, there are several on eBay and 'Zing' seem to have quite a range, but none look large enough.
I've tried the local camera shops who look at me askance.

Can anyone offer any advice? Either an alternative protection method or a vendor of a suitable neoprene case.

Thanks in anticipation.


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I will; give you BAD advice put a grip (made of rosewood) on the beautiful monster & HIT every body who comes close
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Well the first part of cameraboy's advice is sound. There is a superb wooden grip for the 6x7 that will make handling it much easier.

As for a bag, perhaps a camera fair will help you find something inexpensive that will do the trick. Otheriwse it's case of looking around and sooner or later a bargain will leap out at you.
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My local Poundshop is currently selling laptop sleeves (for 1 funnily enough) - these are made from neoprene which could be cut up and fitted inside your rucksack to provide protection. One would probably yield enough material to go around a 6x7 but for that money you could get two to be on the safe side. They're only doing them in hot Barbie pink unfortunately, but as they won't be seen from the outside it shouldn't be a problem.
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What a simple idea! I'll nip into town on Monday see if there's anything about.



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MickH wrote:
Can anyone offer any advice? Either an alternative protection method or a vendor of a suitable neoprene case.

Thanks in anticipation.

Well, most of my shooting is done a short walk from the car, consequently I don't need a rucksack for my gear.

I keep my 6x7 with handle -along with filters, spare film, and lightmeter- in a padded, zippered, insulated Woolworths grocery bag with a cut to size neoprene foam pad beneath and on top. The camera itself is wrapped in a clean cotton 15lb flour bag. Easily carried with two generous handles.

When I need to go for a longer walk, or carry still more gear, I stack it in similar Woollie's bags on top of each other in one of those two-wheeled shopping trollies housewives use, along with a folding stool (for my wife to sit on while sketching), brolly, some cold drinks and a monopod. If I ever need to replace the bag, Woollie's have unlimited amounts on hand at about Aus$1-00 each!

Sounds a bit "nerdy", but works very well, doesn't look worth mugging, and packs away easily in the boot as well as in the cupboard (where it resides when at home)!
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Thanks very much. I've gone for the cheap laptop sleeve as an interim solution. Still on the lookout for something like this as a permanent fix.
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