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As is the new Pentax will launch the new converter 1x4.
But I have a Sigma 70-200mm f2, 8 OS HSM, and i want to convert 2x to use this lens.
Does anyone here knows if the Sigma will release the latest version of the 2x converter for Pentax?

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I read somewhere that Sigma no longer make their converters for Pentax and there is just old stock in the shops now. It's a shame they didn't update them for HSM as I have the 70-200mm and 2x in Canon mount and they perform pretty well together.
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Shameful typo corrected


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The latest Sigma 70-200EX OS HSM works very well with the Tamron 1.4x PZ AF MC4 converter.....
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gartmore wrote:
Shameful typo corrected

But not in the subject line.

Although I suppose a 1.4x and a long lens might be used for covert work.


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Title sorted.
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