Contemplating on returning the Kx due to battery issues.


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I have couple of low discharge battery brand, and for some weird reason the Kx will claim the battery is depleted after less than 50 shots or so. I have the eneloop and camelion brands. Software has been updated too. Is there anything else I can do or just return it?

A few number of people complaining about battery issues. . .
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Try it on Energizer Lithium's first. Eneloop's aren't very high capacity.
Search Ricehigh's Blog he's done some testing on batteries and chargers.
The problem could be your charger.
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Have you installed firmware v1.01 yet? The firmware should sort out the battery level indicator issues. You can download it from this site:

Someone from your attached blog had mentioned about the firmaware as well. Good luck!
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Yes I have updated the firmware, it was the first thing I did. My other observation is that the included batteries (Energizer) last longer than the ones I bought. So on that note, may be I need to get myself an intelligent timer as stated in the link I posted (Current one is timer based)
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I use an Ansmann NiCd/NiMh charger for my Eneloops with no capacity issues, but I don't have your model camera.

The Ansmann unit charges each cell according to it's needs. Many 'timed' chargers charge in pairs, both at the same rate, which doesn't make much sense if you happened to put in one partially depleted, and one totally depleted battery.
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I cooked my first set of Eneloops with a time based charger - you will need a decent one that suits the charging needs of those batteries.

The Lithium AAs (disposable) that came with my Kx lasted over 800 shots.

My current Eneloops will do 400.

Anything less than that will likely be due to your charger (unless you use your onboard flash a lot).


Link Posted 25/09/2010 - 19:20
Thanks guys, just to report back I have opted to charging the batteries twice as opposed to the first time it shows the green lights when charged, and it appears to last longer. So all in all, it appears the I need a very good intelligent charger and not a timer based charger.
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