Conspiracy Theory

Kevin Stephens

Link Posted 13/10/2005 - 23:45
Some of the contributors to are posting evidence that the optics and internals to the new pentax 12-24 f4 are identical to those of Tokina's 12-24 F4, which is mysteriously not available in Pentax mount.

They claim that the new Pentax lens is in fact a re badged and coated Tokina, with a price premium of a few hundred pound.


George Lazarette

Link Posted 14/10/2005 - 00:50
It wouldn't be the first time. The Pentax 28-200 was a re-badged Tamron, but with Pentax coatings, which fully justified the premium.



Link Posted 14/10/2005 - 06:41
Some say that, but not all:

Personally, it's not going to make any difference at all. It'll be the only super wide zoom for Pentax that can take filters.

I'm just waiting to get my hands on one...


Link Posted 14/10/2005 - 07:51
There are a few 12-24mm f4 lenses, including Nikon, and it looks like it could be a popular offering. Maybe one lens manufacturrt has designed it and sold the rights to several companies to produce, maybe one manufactrur makes and sells the basic component.

And maybe not, but how would we ever know?
Best regards, John
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