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Hi all... a few more from the "On the Road" touring project I've been putting together (photos I've taken over the last couple of years whilst weekly touring the UK/Ireland)... these from some of the various coastal places I've managed to get myself to when we've been close enough... all Pentax K1/K1 II and various lenses, inc FA 24-90, DFA 24-70, FA 20, Irix 15mm.

1. Crow, Worthing

2. Beach Huts, Lancing

3. Dunstanburgh, Winter

4. Offshore Fencing, Lancing

5. Bamburgh Castle, Dusk

6. Budle Bay, Dawn

7. Cullercoats, Dawn

8. Sand Patterns, Rhyl

9. Low Tide, West Wittering

10. Sunset, Cliffs of Moher

All thoughts, comments etc gratefully received as ever...




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I particularly like the minimal ones
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Another nice set Bill.

Best by far for me is the last!

Also really like 7...the light reflecting off the wet surfaces of the stone wharf is superb.

Then No.5...nice light again and really like the composition including the ship out at sea.

No.8 is unusual...what a densely packed piece of beach...all those stones, shells and dead matter against the striated natural background...lovely.




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Cracking set Bill. These get better and better. The last one is beautiful.

1/2/4/6 are very clever, creating bands of colour/texture that divide the picture up horizontally.

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These are beautiful images, realised by a keen, artistic eye.
Best regards, John


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Great original set. Having just returned from Bamburgh with a portfolio of the classic beach shots of the castle I particularly like yours with the dunes, very atmospheric.


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Impressive stuff, I just love these especially the more impressionist of the set. Fencing at Lancing is superb. It appears to break all the rules of composition - tiny subject placed dead centre right on the bottom edge of the frame, a huge area of seemingly empty sky, a thin line of horizon marginally above the base line.....but it works so well. A masterpiece.


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Glad to see the dusk over Bamburgh Castle.
The Times once published a photo of a sunset over said castle only it was sunrise as ir was over the sea.
Typical of today.
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Awesome images Bill a credit to you.. Loved them all.. Interested to notice no DFA 15-30 in your lens list ?
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An absolutely magnificent set of images.

The last one in particular is superb for me, but all are tremendously good.


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johnriley wrote:
These are beautiful images, realised by a keen, artistic eye.

What John said


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I really like the "Horizons" here, Bill (1,2,4,6...and 9, though it is not quite in the same spirit as the other 'horizons'). The composition, colours and attention to detail are beautifully treated as usual. 4 and 6 are particularly bold in their minimalism. 9 is more about movement (yet fits in with the aforementioned) within stillness, a quality which I regularly appreciate in your photography.

The sand patterns are a fabulous image, so much texture, so many lines, shells, stones, all moving to the relentless force of the sea. Wild.

Of the four more "classic" (to my eye) landscapses, I have a preference for the cliffs of Moher, with its beautiful light and flowery punctum.

Thanks for sharing all this with us.


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Quality, artful, imaginative, bringing down boundaries, opening up that in plain view, evocative, transgression of norms.

Best regards


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Lighting in the last one is wonderful. Composition of no. 3 is spot-on. 8 is just unreal looking, and no. 7 - nice lines and lighting. Great set as ever!


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Superb set! I really like no 2 for its clean strong composition and the dramatic landscape and light of no 10. Thank you for sharing!

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