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Do any of you use your photos for Christmas cards? I have been doing so for several years, usually choosing a suitably snowy photo, though one year a chose the Aurora instead.
Not having seen any snow this year I was a bit stumped, but this is what I came up with. It isn't brilliant I know but it was fun to make and I like the abstract nature of it and it sits on someone's mantelpiece for a week or two before being thrown.
I would love to see your Christmas card photos. Feel free to add them to this thread.

Hmm, why is the photo so small???
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I use one for the very few 'e-cards' that I send. It's a rather hackneyed shot of a Robin in a tree that I put in my Gallery in August, although shot at RHS Wisley at the beginning of March.

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Where do you get the cards printed?
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Darstadlydarcey wrote:
Where do you get the cards printed?

I use the photo service of a major department store here in the Netherlands. I also use then for photobooks, and always get great results.
Local supermarkets, and drugstores also offer a similar service. They all end up using the big printer such as Albelli and Cewe.

Places like Asda offer a similar thing in the UK.
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