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Link Posted 27/12/2012 - 20:11
After taking the plunge a while ago with Win7 64, my Canon Pixma MP620 began to misbehave. I downloaded the drivers for W7 etc but the printer still refused to play nicely...
Try and print a 6 x 4 print and the orientation and print size was all over the place. After trawling through many a forum, I came across an article highlighting my very problem - but with no solution - Great!
However, not to be outdone by computer hardware/software I popped into the local branch of Staples and found myself a nice new Canon Pixma MG6250! It has 6 inks instead of 5 (Includes Grey)
Easy to setup under Win7 and even air print from my iPhone and iPad as a bonus. Still the same great results as per my MP620. So a Merry Christmas to me and Happy Birthday tomorrow = result.
Has anyone any views on my new printer - now I've bought it!!!!!

Retired at last - now all that time for photography - you would think: wink:


Link Posted 28/12/2012 - 13:17
Canon? Love 'em!
Actually, I had a Canon i560 for years and years, and only replaced it when it started playing up a bit. (re-aligning the print head would work for a week or two, but then it started again). So I got a Pixma iX6550.
The A3 print capability is good enough for competition prints, the setup was easy (but very tedious) and it did not take too long to get the print output matching the monitor.
I looked at an all-in-one, but to get one with A3 would have taken more space than I had available (and the iX6550 is very compact for what it does), and I can copy direct from my existing Canon scanner direct to a laser printer. Fax I do not need (but I could get from either of my desktops).
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Link Posted 29/12/2012 - 11:54
I did look at A3 but to be honest I was thinking about ink and paper costs!
Still got to find the time to sit down and sort out my image files for printing. Currently I am concentrating on images of my 3 year old grand daughter and printing them for family etc. The setup was much easier with this printer too - being that much newer it was Win 7 ready. It has the extra ink tank too, not sure if I will notice too much difference though. I have yet to see how to set up the printer to match my monitor - if it is possible with this model (Read the manual??)

Retired at last - now all that time for photography - you would think: wink:
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