Budapest Pentaxians?


Link Posted 01/05/2014 - 14:14

I remember there are a few Hungarians on this forum and was wanting to ask a little advice. We've just moved to Budapest a couple of months ago and was wondering about local camera clubs and where is a good place for getting film developed? We're in Kerulet XVII on the Ecser/Maglod side...... I've yet to get going with learning the language as just haven't had much time yet! Hence looking for local advice as none of the in-laws are into photography.

There is one point as well about this new law about being required to have permission from anyone who can be identified in frame regardless even if you're taking a general shot of the street? It comes accross that you can be reported in any urban area by anyone if shooting on the street? Just heard of this and was wondering if the interpretation has been lost in translation? If so and could result in prosecution that would really stop me doing anything outside the house especially as a foreigner.

Hardly had a chance to do much more than a few family pics so far, but I've been in Hungary many times and it is a really nice country.

Thank you!
K5, K200 and several film Pentax cameras!
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