Brownsea Island - September 2021 - part three


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For such a relatively small island (2.4km x 1.2km) the variety of scenery, flora and fauna is superb and Poole harbour (in which it sits) is the 2nd deepest natural harbour in the world. Hugh ferries, yachts, canoes and craft of all types can be seen passing by all day and some of the night, it's quite un-nerving to be sat in one of the rooms of the castle to be distracted by the side of a channel islands ferry filling the window

1. Spider Spy

2. Spider on the Heath

3. Nearly but not quite (I was manually focusing on the Moon when I spotted the Airplane crossing the viewfinder - I tried to tweak but didn't quite nail it )

4. Sandbanks by Moonlight

5. Special Forces by Sea? (can't be certain what these guys are but they travelled out of the harbour at speed each day)

6. Silver Bay

7. A poor Ansel Adams impersonation (my inspiration for getting into photography as a teenager, I've often tried and never succeeded in emulating the great master artist)

8. Heather detail (there is a beautiful heath covered in pink and purple heathers and yellow gorse in the centre of the island)

9. Gossamer in the Gorse

10. Three birds walk into a bar....

11. Formation Flypast (not sure what make and model they are?)

12. Molten Mercury (or pebbles under the sea)



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Either this set or Part Two for me, I love the abstract no.9 here as well as your great choice of colours for 1, 2, 4 and 6.


Oh and 12 is just lovely and refreshing.
All the gear with no idea
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Iíve loved flicking through all of these on Flickr.
Looks like youíve had an excellent time.
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I think No. 11 may be a flight of oystercatchers. However, the more knowledgeable ones here may well shoot me down in flames!


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Wonderful set.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Many interesting photos in the Brownsea sets. Canít pick a favourite as so many different styles. The first is a lovely clean image.


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No 4 for me John

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Great reportage in these four sets LennyB. But as an individual image the water pebbles in this set stand out for me.
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