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Link Posted 01/09/2011 - 18:11
I'm getting a black speck on my photos. When I zoom in it looks to be one black pixel. It does not show if you do the dust check (the sensor shows up as perfect)only on a photo. Have tried a different lens and still the the same result. Anyone any idea what this may be please.
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There may indeed be a dead pixel in your sensor. I think it is not uncommon and maybe not surprising given how many millions of them are out there! I believe most (all?) pentax DSLRs have a 'pixel mapping' function in one of the in-camera menus which basically tells the camera to render such pixels the same as an adjacent pixel thereby fixing the problem! Not done it myself but I am sure there are folk on here who know more - no doubt it'll also be in the manual somewhere

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Yes, I had a dead pixel on my k-x and used the 'pixel mapping' and all is now fine.

I don't know which body you have but you should be able to find it in your cameras menu's / handbook.
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