Birds in Spring-time


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An opportune gift for photographers is the gift of combining fresh, renewed settings for the natural habitats of those hidden and hiding treasures that surround us but can be elusive. Birds and trees belong together, but for photographers the connection is uneasy because birds use trees for concealment and safety. So the exposure of a feathered friend is often a fleeting glimpse and not a straight-forward observation of our surroundings. so the bird is in his element, while you are not.

Here are some examples of wildife using the spiring-time refuge of a cherry tree. I hope other Pentax users can find this a stimulating theme to follow and emulate.

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what curious "birds" are #3 and #4 .. that must be their "Spring-time" appearance I guess
my flickr gallery
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senn wrote:
what curious "birds" are #3 and #4 .. that must be their "Spring-time" appearance I guess

The article is as much about habitats as birds, but you can just look at the pictures if you want
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