Birds in flight


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Nicely captured Ian. Particularly like the colours of the juvenile in #2



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I like them both but prefer shot 2
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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Wonderful shots, very sharp - i had to click on the photos to get the best IQ. The image size is restricted to 800pix, but then for some strange reason, the forums increase that, so now they look just a tad soft. Weird
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In my IE8 the images are the same whether I click on the images or not. Good quality either way.

Nice captures, Ian. Can't make up my mind which I prefer, they both have their merits.
Best regards

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Must be something to do with Firefox ( my browser ) then ? Very strange
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I just measured with a ruler on my screen. Photos as they are posted are
11.75 " across. but when clicked on, are 8.75" across.

Thats a bit odd
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I use Firefox and they are the same size whether clicked on or not.

Both photos are excellent. I like the green background so #2 just gets my vote .


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The photos are excellent when clicked on. I wonder then if its a monitor problem, rather than a browser problem
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Well i tried IE8 and the problem disappeared, so it must be Firefox.

I hit Control + Zero and everything shrunk. The photos now appear right size.

I think i have some zoom control option set or something, because i have poor eyesight on such small text.
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No 2 is great, lovely and sharp and the background is perfect for setting off the bird. I can never seem to get birds in flight, had a go at photographing some hawks recently but I just don't sem to be quick enough to capture them.

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Very sharp- I could cut my lawn with them.

I think they are both very good, the colour contrast in #2 appeals but I like #1 a lot too because the bird is very much in its environment.

I have never doen this kind of photography- I imagine a lot of patience is needed. Did you know when you pressed the shutter that these were so good?


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Thanks for the feed back guys very kind of you all to offer your opinions. Jasper I never realy know if I have what I hope to get till I get back and see on my pc and veiw the photos taken and thats pretty much the case for what ever type of shot Im taking. What I try and do is take as many shots as possible of the same subject at different settings and see what has worked best.
Regards Ian
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