Birding with DA* 300mm and K5ii


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I'm a massive fan of the Sigma 150-500mm OS, I think it's a bargain on a Pentax mount, but there are times when you'll go out with it and really struggle. I'm yet to put my finger on exactly why, I'm presuming unfavourable lighting conditions. So today in the North East it's dark and damp, not cold or windy so the 150-500mm was left at home and a newly acquired DA* 300mm taken instead. I spent a good bit of time trying to get a good shot of the Water Rail but these are quick and elusive, so I'm a bit dissappointed with the results on that, but I did manage to get some good shots in what turned into bleak conditions, hopefully you'll pick up the rain.
The lens handled really well, some hunting in certain conditions on K5ii but I'm happy with the focus performance overall.

1: Perched

2: Pout

3: Water Rail

4: Blue Tit

5: Goldfinch in the Rain

6: Sheltering

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You done good

I agree with you on the Sigma 150-500mm OS, sometimes it work and other times I come home deflated and scratch my head wondering "is it just me".

While I've been looking for a DA*300 at a affordable SH price without much luck I'm in the process of acquiring Lennyblokes Sigma 300 f4 APO Macro, will be interesting to see what it can do in the birdy department, both flesh and feathered kind
LBA is good for you, a Lens a day helps you work, rest and play.


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The Sigma 300 f4 APO Macro is a cracking lens, sill got mine as a backup to the DA*300

PPG link

In LBA hiatus.


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I would have been delighted with anything close to these shots.

I agree with Brian's remarks ref the 150-500mm, it put me off wildlife and subsequently sold the lens. So far have not regretted selling it.

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