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Link Posted 02/07/2002 - 09:28
I have seen the Beattie Intenscreen advertised on the Pentax User site. I have a Z-1, which I understand takes the metering from behind the screen. If the screen is replaced, how can the Z-1 be recalibrated?

I would prefer if there was some user way of recalibrating.

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Pete Bargh

Link Posted 02/07/2002 - 13:09
Hi Matt
You're right to assume the metering will be affected. Meters sees things differently to the human eye, consequently where the screen makes a visible improvement of between 2 and 4 stops the meter will only see up to one f stop difference. In some cases no change will occur. A simple comparison reading (using a neutral toned subject, such as a wall) with the original screen in place and then the Intenscreen will give you an indication of the necessary adjustment. You can then set this permanently on either the camera's compensation dial or film speed dial.

Hope that helps

Kind regards

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Link Posted 02/07/2002 - 14:50
Thanks Peter.

It's a shame to (possibly) have to make an exposure adjustment. Sooner or later I would forget and mess up some opportunity. If I go this route, I would rather have the reading intrinsically correct. (If anyone has a service manual for the Z1 - that would be great )

Perhaps I have a cheaper route going for a Z1p screen instead - that will give a clearer view with about 1 stop visible difference (though what the meter sees will be another matter). 70 is quite a bit to shell out on (about 40% of the price I paid for the Z1).

Thanks again,

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