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I have just picked up a K100D plus a Pentax-A 50mm 1:1.7 and a Beck 135mm 1:1.28.

Now from what I have read [and remember I'm new to this] they both should give a focus confirmation beep/red dot/symbol at bottom of the viewfinder.

In reality when I fit the A 1.7 the camera asks for it's focal length and I get the focus confirmation. The Beck is manual and the camera does not ask for the focal length nor give focus confirmation.

Info is from and I have set the camera up as they suggest.

I'm not too bothered as I have taken some good shots of the squirrels on the bird table but if I am missing something...please advise!

Many thanks



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Welcome Andy and nice camera choice !
No idea why the 'Beck' is not asking for focal length confirmation. You have to turn off the camera, make sure SR is 'on', fit lens then turn on.

The focus confirmation is a green hexagon at the bottom of the viewfinder. The red spot in the middle is just confirming where focus spot is located. In the case of non A lenses I think centre spot is the only option.
Good luck
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Welcome to the forum

You need to permit manual aperture you can find that option in the "custom" menu, that should do the trick.

hmm that's this option from you link.
Under Menu>Custom Setting, make sure “Using Aperture Ring” is set to “2 - permitted”, this is OFF by default.

Like said that should do the trick...

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Welcome to the forum Andy
Regards Huw



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Ancly wrote:
and a Beck 135mm 1:1.28.

I don't know the Beck lens, when you attach it to the camera does it short out the contact pins on the lens mount, i.e. is the base wide enough to cover all the contacts, and is it electrically conductive. Focus confirmation does not work if the contacts are not shorted.



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Thanks for all the replies and the welcomes!

Gregmoll, the base of the lens does cover the contacts, but it is coated black, so will not short anything out!

Would I get over this with a bit of wet and dry to expose some metal where the contacts are? [I'm presuming that the contacts are the 'ball bearings' that are in an arc on the contact face?]

This way would the camera also recognise a lens and ask for the focal length?...I presume without this I'm not getting any stabilisation either!


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Ancly wrote:

Gregmoll, the base of the lens does cover the contacts, but it is coated black, so will not short anything out!

As a test slip a piece of aluminium cooking foil between the lens and contacts to short them out, I've had to remove the black paint on some of my lenses.



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Greg. Thank you. The foil trick worked. I'll remove some paint and take it out for a walk later.



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I've just tried insulating the contacts on my K10 from a manual focus Helios lens and the focus confirmation works fine.

Maybe the K10 is different?
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