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Link Posted 13/05/2020 - 15:56
I've been scanning loads of old images, all shot by me in what my 8-year-old grandson described as "the olden days" or more commonly known as the 1980s. Ouch indeed. This one is doing very well on EPZ and was shot by me between 1975 and 1980 using a Pentax SP 1000 and probably the standard 55mm f/2 lens. It seems a sobering thought that an image that looks positively vintage was actually shot by myself.....

This is Leigh, Lancashire and we lived there is our first little terraced house, which looked like this:

Both these scenes are probably still there, albeit with yellow lines and cars in the first instance and perhaps a new lick of paint in the second.
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That first one has character John. 1980's are olden days....oh gosh, no hope for me then.

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You can just imaging Gene Hunt in his Ford Cortina GXL speeding by in these images..
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Just magic! Especially the first image.
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The first one just oozes nostalgia. At least your past still exists. Mine was bulldozed and buried beneath an industrial estate!
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