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Link Posted 29/03/2012 - 14:06
Having said a fond farewell to my K5, I took delivery of a second-hand GX10 as it's replacement (downsizing, not the recession!) Somewhat foolishly, I didn't do enough testing before I said thankyou very much and concluded the deal. I have now found out that the camera seems to suffer from quite pronounced back-focussing, which is very noticeable at 21mm and lower, much less so at higher fls, and of course less noticeable with smaller aperture.

The image in the viewfinder seems fine and when I focus manually I get the same problem. The GX10 doesn't have focus adjust, so I'm wondering what the best course of action is? The body cost me just over 110, so is it worth the cost of repair or can I do something myself?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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Do a search for GX10 debug menu

One hit out of many:

Note that this adjustment applies to all lenses (as far as I know).

PS1) If you rely on the green hexagon (or whatever it may be in the gx10), you will indeed have the same problem as it uses the same mechanism.

PS2) K10D can be adjusted for a couple of lenses (I think up to 6) by a Pentax service center. Samsung might be able to do the same for the gx10.
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Thanks for that! Looks like I'm not alone with this - I'll give it a go tomorrow and post the results.


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