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Link Posted 17/04/2010 - 14:27
I was wondering what people thought of auto lens correction software, and whether they could recommend any - or whether members think they're a waste of time? I've had a scout through the forums but can't see any previous mails on the subject.
I'm using PTLens at the moment, but it doesn't seem to cover the newer Pentax lenses, and I'd really like it to be an auto-correction...
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I use the of Nottingham range of programs including Photoplus which is good value and includes Chromatic aberration remover, Lens distortion correction, lens vignette correction, displace, offset etc.

They are not automatic however.




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The K-7 does corrections in camera automatically on jpegs if the approriate menu choice is set to on. It only works with Pentax lenses. Many software packages allow manual distortion and chromatic aberration correction. I have found RawTherapee quite good and it is free (the developers like a donation). Silkypix does a good job and of course Photoshop but these are also not automatic.

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