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Link Posted 30/07/2012 - 23:46
Just wondering how I would use auto bracketing with a Q

I bought a book about HDR at the weekend and it talks about auto bracketing

Thanks Adrian


Link Posted 31/07/2012 - 11:27
See page 80 to 82 of the manual.
For HDR, I usually use 3 frames 2Ev apart, or 5 frames, 1Ev apart.
If you shoot JPG, use 1Ev or even 0.5Ev steps.
If you shoot RAW, you can use 1Ev or 2Ev steps (because RAW will capture finer grained tonal ranges)

What you then do is take those shots and combine them in HDR software... then tone-map to produce a single image. It's important that if you shoot RAW that you must use the same development settings for all frames and preferably use a flat-tone curve in the RAW processor

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Update: the Q is restricted to 3 exposures only. You can choose the Ev steps. I'd suggest 1Ev for JPG, and 2Ev for RAW

Don't forget that the prime and normal zoom Q lenses have ND filters inside the lens (you have to enable it manually through the menu).

Although I have used HDR, I find that the genuine uses are limited. Often times, just two exposures manually blended in PS work out better for me. With the K5's crazy dynamic range (14 stops!!) and 14-bit RAW I find that I rarely need to use HDR techniques.

Tone mapping is another matter... and for getting that 'HDR look', Topaz Adjust is pretty excellent and working from a single image

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Thanks for the info Matt
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