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Link Posted 20/10/2008 - 20:47
I just tried to get some quick prints run off at my local ASDA photo lab, it seems the self service machines they have are a bit useless, I wanted about 200 prints in total, some singly and some duplicated, some I even wanted three of.
Armed with my USB stick and a notepad with all the relevant filenames and quantities required I thought I had it sorted, I even telephoned first to make sure the machine accepted USB sticks. Five minutes after inserting the USB stick I was presented with a screen full of images MINUS the filenames, they weren't even displayed in numerical order, how on earth do they expect people to remember which files are which and how many of each with over a hundred images?
The guy behind tha counter wasn't much help either about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Has anyone else had similar experience with self service machines, are they all similar or is it just ASDA's that are naff? And can anyone recomend a high street lab who's machines do display a filename with the images.
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Link Posted 20/10/2008 - 20:58
I have never used one of those machines as I find using Bonusprint's online service quick and easy as long as you are after snap shot quality prints. Dirt cheap, come about two days later, and generally fine. The only thing I did wrong first time was not check the option to get the prints at the ratio I had cropped them so I lost bits around the edges.

Not an answer to your question but it might be easier next time!

Cheers, Kris.
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Not an answer to your question but it might be easier next time!

Unfortunately Kris I have an interent connection with the speed of a hot air baloon with the accompanying thermal activity (it drops a lot) sending any large quantity of images is virtually immpossible for me.
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Link Posted 21/10/2008 - 08:40
Just a suggestion...

Burn a CD (or USB stick) of EXACTLY what you want printing.
ie if you want 10 copies of a print then copy the image 10 times.
Then all you have to do is select the "print everything once" option...
.. or whatever is the Asda equivalent.


Link Posted 21/10/2008 - 22:32
Quick update on this.....

I had thought of Ewens option but decided to burn each seperate "order" onto individual discs and take them to Boots. at least that way if the recipients want any more they will have the discs and can fend for themselves

Lo and behold, the first disc into the machine at boots gave me the filenames and placed the images sequentially, I wish I'd have gone there first, the colours were good and the service quick, my only grip was a small amount of cropping, the girl on the counter was extremely helpful in showing this old duffer how to load images from several discs and place them as one order.
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Link Posted 22/10/2008 - 09:17
I've used a Kodak machine at my local Dixons (we still have Dixons in NL) and it allowed me to do multiples of some photos and singles of others. I can't remember if it came up with file names or not, but they were in the right order, so choosing the ones I wanted multiples of was easy. I used an SD card for it.


Link Posted 23/12/2008 - 23:59
Spiderman listen to this, last week I went into Asda labs to develop my snaps for my end of year distribution of photos to family and friends. As Asda of old kent rd London charged about £9.60 for 63 photos I thort its cheap, cheaper than Digital snaps.
I put my cd in and choose 63 fotos some multiple images of the same picture. I went back two days later and low and behold the photo of me on holiday with my son and daughter had been butchered.

The top of my forehead had been chopped off( on the cd it was whole and visible).I took it back to Asda only to be told by a photo assistant you should have left a good inch space at the top where the top of the photo was ! I did not waste my breath with the assistant I asked for the manager and when he came I explained to him his photo lab had butchered up my photo ( infact 4 copies had been butchered ).

He wanted it to be printed again before considering a refund.
The assistant who must have had a tongue lashing from her boss placed the cd in and made some fine adjustments which gave my head some clearance. I said I would call back in the evening.

At lunch time I went to digi snaps and had the same photo printed off the CD. The picture came out good with no forehead cut off.

In the evening went to Asda's yes the picture showed me with out my forehead chopped off but the colours were saturated.
I will never go there again to have my photos printed.


Link Posted 24/12/2008 - 00:36
You can use the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) to put your pictures on the USB stick, then, the machine will follow the instruction on the stick. It works here, so I guess it should work at your place too.
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Link Posted 26/12/2008 - 14:01
I had some small (6x4) promo pics for a cabaret night I was photographing, done in Tescos, 200 in total. (I'd ordered from BonusPrint, but they hadn't arrived by the Thursday, so I bottled it and ordered extra) They were being sold as a set of 4 postcards.. (to raise money for the do). They weren't too bad. Certainly good enough to use for holiday snaps rather than fine art..

Slightly over-saturated, and the paper was a bit too glossy for my liking, but I'd use them again for general use.

I like BonusPrint as well Kris. I think the quality is actually pretty good, and the paper has a little less sheen on it that other glossy papers I've seen. The Matt paper is nice as well.. I uploaded a mono clock dandelion, in 8x8 just to see how it came out. Not bad at all. I think I prefer glossy for colour work though, though I might choose one as an experiment next time I make an order.



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Link Posted 26/12/2008 - 15:22
There's a lot to be said for printing your own. All that running about, Driving there and back, Petrol, Parking etc.


Link Posted 26/12/2008 - 16:24
I have heard good reports of Boots and also Costco
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I used Asda online for some large portrait shots, service was wonderful,paper was top quality and the colours perfect!.....all in all without fault,I would use them again...............Ken DS ,DA18/55,DA16/45.DA* 50/135,"A"1.7 50MM..."A" 70/210..M 50mm f2...Tamron 90mm macro,28/300 Tamron,200/500 Tamron 6.9....A Pentax DA*300... Sigma10/20,FA31mm 1.8 Ltd*********,FA 77mm Ltd!
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Link Posted 30/12/2008 - 00:29
pentaxian450 wrote:
You can use the DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) to put your pictures on the USB stick, then, the machine will follow the instruction on the stick. It works here, so I guess it should work at your place too.

Thank you Pentaxian for your reply re: DPOF, for me the problem is I usually do some editing on my photos which I guess would interfere with the DPOF system( am i right?)


Link Posted 30/12/2008 - 00:43
I do some edit, then returns the JPEG to an SD card to insert the DPOF data with the camera and then in the machine. It's kind of a pain, so I only do it when I can't access my printers. Whenever I can, I print from home or work. At home, I can do up to 24 in. and at work, we can output 44 in. Having a printing business (as in lithography, not photo printing) is kind of a blessing sometimes. The pre-press equipment we use has some possibilities that are way above the average.
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Link Posted 31/12/2008 - 03:36
Have had mixed results at Asda, have to say their 6 x 4 photos are regurlarly famed for head chopping, they zoom in a little by default, guess this makes their not so good photography customers pics a little better.

There 9 x 6 photos are excellent, printed on fuji paper. Unfortunately their new Fuji printer won't print over 9 x 6 due to a fsault which Fuji cannot fix are not bothering too. Guess I will have to go to Boots now
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