Are these any good?


Link Posted 10/09/2009 - 18:04
OK, first time I've submitted here! Been travelling between Swindon and Reading a lot by train and I'm always impressed by the sight of the cooling towers at Didcot. So yesterday I remembered my GX20 plus Pentax 40mm ltd and had a go out of the (open) window. Out of 40 or so, these were all that I thought had any interest - but am I just coming up with an excuse for the embarrassment of stopping a load of commuters getting out of the door!!?! (BTW, the last was a goods train that was leaving as we were pulling in and for a few seconds our speeds locked. I tried to get the effect of the train appearing to be still whilst the track moved beneath it...)



Link Posted 10/09/2009 - 21:59
They do rather impose on the landscape don't they?
Here is one I did earlyer. Like the idea of shooting from the train. I got in a long conversation with one of the security guards when I took that one, somthing about him wanting to know what I was doing! Man with camera taking pictures, bit of a hard one that?


Link Posted 10/09/2009 - 23:51
I like the second one best. Clean lines, geometric shapes, a passing bird giving a hint of life.

If you'll forgive the liberty, a hint of sharpening improves it, giving it a touch more dominating clarity. Any more, I found the halos started to intrude; maybe even this is too much.

If you'll forgive the greater liberty, here's one I did earlier from a different viewpoint.
Pentax K-3, DA18-135, DA35 F2.4, DA17-70, DA55-300, FA28-200, A50 F1.7, A100 F4 Macro, A400 F5.6, Sigma 10-20 EXDC, 50-500 F4.5-6.3 APO DG OS Samsung flash SEF-54PZF(x2)


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Please take all the liberties you want I take the point about sharpening - I did try pushing it a bit more, but I've become paranoid of late about oversharpening! As for your last, we've now got trains and planes, anyone care for a shot from an automobile (as a passenger of course)

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