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Has anyone ever bought a lens online from I'm thinking of getting their MC ARAX 2.8/35mm Tilt & Shift lens. I've tried buying/hiring one at a couple of places with no luck. Arax seem to be the best option -

They seem legit, although the payment gateway is unfamiliar to me.



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Hi JN, welcome to Pentax user. The exact same lens is available HERE - whilst I have no personal experience, I have read ok reports of this particular seller on the web but I'd advise you to do some more research. Just thought I'd open the options up for you, as there seems to be more reference to them in various forums.

Let us know how you get on, as I'm sure there are a few who would be interested in a tilt/shift option. I'm looking at Womble on this one !
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Thanks RR - they look like a good alternative. I'll post some pictures if I get one.



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The original Arsat, which the Arax seems to be based on, got a favourable review in AP a few years ago. I think it was available only with a Nikon mount then. Its main selling point was pretty good quality at a price well below anything produced by the major manufacturers.

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Do you realise that this lens is designed for 35mm film? It is really pointless on a digital camera. The only worthwhile focal length for a shift lens on 35mm film is 28mm (I have the Pentax one).

To do anything on a digital body the lens would require a focal length of 18mm. Tilt might be OK.

I've tried my 28mm on my DS and it was a waste of time really.

The lens is highly thought of and uses Zeiss glass, I'm still thinking about the medium format version.

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Thanks for the tip gartmore, it's a shame since there are so few options. I was going by what I found here -

The 28mm option, the 'PC SUPER ANGULON 28mm f2.8' is over $2,000!

I'd love to try this sort of thing if/when I get the K7



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Great little movies. Thanks for the link.
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jakobnixon wrote:
I'd love to try this sort of thing if/when I get the K7

Assuming you've already got a DSLR, there's no need to wait until you've got a K-7. These aren't done using video, just loads (and loads) of still images.

K-3, a macro lens and a DA*300mm...


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I see now - that really is a lot of stills!

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