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Link Posted 06/09/2021 - 15:55
No, it's not the view from a spacecraft during close approach to an asteroid. It's the view from a K3 + Irix 150mm during close approach to a pear in full sun.

The pear is hanging from a tree in the garden (photo has been rotated, the fruit is actually hanging at a crazy angle). Cokin variable ND filter is set so that the background is dark at chosen aperture and flash synch speed. Off-centre ring flash acting as an artificial (and flashing!) sun to illuminate the pear but not the background. Experiment a bit with balance between flash and what's left of ambient light after it's been through the ND filter. And here's the result. Not everbody's cup of tea, I know...

This is fun - but it definitely needs a new way of thinking about light!

Thoughts, comments etc. welcome as usual.



Link Posted 06/09/2021 - 23:44
Interesting approach and set up, I'd like to have seen a bit more of the pear surface in focus as it looks like it would make a great abstract style shot. I find the OOF area a bit distracting as there's only a sliver in focus.
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Thanks. I tend to agree with you. It was more a 'proof of technical concept' than an attempt at art but thought the result (the best from many failures!) was interesting enough to post and see what people thought of it. More DOF might be possible, although can't try for a couple of days because of life and impending weather. As always with close-up/macro, more DOF means less light through the lens... so another interesting challenge!



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I like it.

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