Another 645Z Review


Link Posted 06/07/2014 - 03:29
I read this review link as I am still on the "buy one" list. The more I read in reviews makes me think that digital MF cameras are in their twilight years.

I'd be in a much happier place if Ricoh announced a 35mm format K mount body.

The sales spin with the 645Z points out that it's 1.7 times larger than 35mm format but for some reason they don't say that it's also 3.9 times larger than APS-C or that 35mm is 2.3 times larger than APS-C so actually a larger factor than the 645Z to 35mm ratio.

I really like the 645Z. Using a 645N II has a lot to do with that. Common sense says it's good to have the 645Z in the range but maybe better to also have a 35mm format K mount body and I suspect that you could buy a pair of those with glass for the price of a 645Z....

It's not a show stopper as there's more in life to consider than digital cameras at this price level.

Justification is a personal issue that people will make based on firm reason or contrive to endorse their own need or want.

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Link Posted 06/07/2014 - 07:25
It's probably one of those things that, if you make a living out of photography and you want it then you know why you want it and just buy it. Another photographic tool.

It becomes harder to justify when you want it but it's a hobby. Then it's just a very expensive item.

If I had the cash, I'd buy it. But I'm afraid reality strikes hard.
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vic cross

Link Posted 06/07/2014 - 07:32
Good morning. I hope you get a 645Z one day. I'm sure we'd all like one. I had the film version and some lenses and now wish I'd never sold it. With me it's not just the cost but also avoiding the swift left hook from her indoors. CHEERS Vic.
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