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Sorry, folks, just catching up on all the latest comments now!

Firstly, thanks for the comments, much appreciated. I know I've not been around much, but I do hope to post a bit more, David, when I have some images!

Anglesey is a wonderful place to shoot, and I have only just scratched the surface, although I did get to some of the places which were absolute musts for me. As you can see, it was mostly cloudy, but the clouds had lots of texture, so were pretty ideal.

All shots were taken with the K-1 and HD 15-30, a chunky combination to carry around but worth it.

I have loads more shots which show other areas of the island which show what it is like, but these I thought were my best ones. And, just to say, #3 is my favourite too.

Edit: I didn't answer one question. I didn't use filters on any of these. Generally, I was on a walk, so didn't carry too much with me. But I have applied a digital ND Grad in post processing to nearly all of them.
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That set of crepuscular rays on the last is just amazing!


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Tyr wrote:
That set of crepuscular rays on the last is just amazing!

Did a closer version of it by itself.....

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Lovely set, the first of Newborough Beach works abstract wonders - many shades of light and colour.


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A very good set. Number 1 is very dramatic and the sea looks great in number 5.



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Thanks, Sry and Philip.
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