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They're phasing out the free service next month. What's the best UK sites for selling photos to clients like this was, where you can set your own prices and have the printers deal with payments and sending prints directly to clients? Thanks for any tips!


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Smugmug? Zenfolio? Neither UK sites, but fulfilment is local.


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Shootproof absolutely fantastic websites and they use Loxey colour. If you decide to go message me for an affiliate link and I get a month free

Here's a sample gallery
PPG Wedding photography Flickr
Concert photography

Currently on a Pentax hiatus until an FF Pentax is released


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Hi CMW, thanks, Zenfolio is what photobox is going to replace their free service with. What I forgot to mention is whether anyone knows "free" sites, they're going to charge a monthly fee for Zenfolio. Will have a look at smugmug though, and thanks.

and cabstar, thanks for that. very nice, professional layout on the shootproof service, will explore it a bit more. similar monthly fees though. What kind of prices do they offer on the Loxey prints, and perhaps you have a link to your work on there, or are you gary stafford?

just had a chat with dscolour as found on this old forum post:

they're offering this new service to school photographers. I'll ring them monday to see if they will consider offering this to other pros. -
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further to this, smugmug also appears to be what I'm looking for.
although they have no phone number for any support (!) customer service responded to my email in under an hour.


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I've just started using Fotomoto on my web-site, it's a free e-commerce service that you can add to your own web-site, they handle the payments, printing and delivery for you and take 22% of the transaction fees. You can also go for a paid plan where they take 12% or 10% of the transaction fees.
I've just added to the events page on my web-site, it's quite easy to set-up.


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hey there mille19,
Thanks a bunch for that. I've saved the info to look into when my new website is completed.
There do seem to be some similar options cropping up, for e-commerce embedded in my website but this one, which doesn't require monthly fees up front, might be one of the better ideas. Who does the printing in this case and posting the prints to the clients?


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davidxgreen wrote:
hey there mille19,
Who does the printing in this case and posting the prints to the clients?

Their partners are who I think do the prints.
Fotomoto take the order and e-mail you to send a hi-res copy of the photos they need, then they sort out the payments, printing and posting, so all you'll need to do really is send hi-res images when requested.


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got it, thanks!
the prices on bayphoto is in US$ and contact info is USA so I think it's probably a different partner doing the prints. will check into it and report back.
thanks again
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