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Hi all... some more from my travels... these from some nighttime shoots... finishing work at 11pm with a bucketload of adrenalin flying around in a place you've never visited before is a useful recipe for picture taking... some of these were taken pre-work, some after... blue hour can extend pretty late in the summer... all K1/K1 II, and various lenses inc FA 20, DFA 15-30, Irix 15mm, FA 24-90, F17-28, PLM 55-300.

1. Tunnel, Nottingham

2. Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

3. Birmingham City Centre

4. Kings College, Cambridge (5 shot pano stitch)

5. Meadows, Edinburgh. In Camera Multiple Exposure.

6. Moonrise, Calton Hill, Edinburgh

7. Across the Grand Canal, Dublin

All thoughts/comments etc gratefully received as ever...




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Super set Bill - especially the 'cryptic' nature of the first one and the fisheye view of no6, Castle Hill.


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Fantastic body of work,
What a strange perspective on 1, really interesting shot, kind of left thinking wtf,
great tones and shades in 3, got to love the juxtaposition of the hotel and the waterfront warehouse (?) cracking image ( my 2 fav)
your blues really make the brick and stone pop in 1, 2 and 4
That fisheye works really well in 6, with the long exp and the warped perspective.
I have a couple of similar shots of those stacks in 7, just not as accomplished as yours though, but its given me something to aim for.

Best till last, 5. for me anyway.
Love it.
Haven't a clue what it is, don't really care either if I'm honest, but I find it almost mesmerizing, I think it would be right at home in any gallery, or on one of my many bare walls, hint hint,
I can only imagine it would look super, large.
Keep them coming.
I know what i like, If not always why.
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Nice set - I'm particularly taken with #7 - the Dublin shot, I that that it is very effective.

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Some fantastic work there!


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Wonderful set, I'm always amazed by your colours - so suave. Even in these night shots they are smooth and clear. The slight unrealness in 1 and 7 make them the standouts for me. 5 makes for a cool intake of breath within the series.


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A magnificent set, 1, 2, 3 and 4 are my favourites, with the first being top for me.

Your images just keep getting better and better.

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1 and 5 please (but only by a whisker).
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Hey, Really it's an amazing one. #1 is fabulous. Especially, I loved the first one so much, the way you have captured. Can you please tell how have you captured the 1st one? But Great Job Man!
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Very nice work. Quality images. Almost saves me going out with a camera when I can just look at your images instead!

Best regards
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Superb set of shots from multiple cities

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Thanks Andy, Derek, Phil, Dan, Serge, David, David, Raza, Gary, Chris for positivity and kind words re these... much appreciated my end... have really enjoyed the night shoots... found them surprisingly peaceful, even in a big city...

Raza, No. 1 is just a simple shot looking up... no tricks etc... although I did combine 2 exposures: 1 with the Astrotracer for the sky to keep the stars sharp, and one for the foreground...

Derek... no. 5 is actually fairy lights in a tree on the edge of the Meadows in Edinburgh, which I bumped into on my walk back to my digs every night... spent an hour or so here one night trying to work out how I could take a picture of it that might make it look as magical as I thought it felt... this is the one that came closest... 3 exposures, at slightly different focal lengths, with a couple of the frames out of focus to varying degrees to get the bokeh... bright blend mode from what I remember... all in camera...

Thanks again and best



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Another beautiful set of images Bill. Its hard to pick favourites when the set as a whole is excellent. Your job must give you an adrenalin high to inspire you as walk back to your digs late at night.


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Fabulous images!



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Thanks David and Bjorn...


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