Link Posted 14/03/2006 - 09:11
I received a new flash in a job lot. By the fotos, I thought it was the AF280T on some sort of grip. It is actually an AF400T. It's big and powerful!

My problem now is this: how can I link this baby to my DS? The cable that came it is for the LX (4P sync cord A, coiled); I guess I need a 4P sync cord B cable to connect to the hotshoe directly. Where can I get such a cable from? Does anyone have one lying around with no use and willing to sell it?



Link Posted 07/06/2007 - 06:25
Pentax Price $ 49.50

Shipping Cost

4P Sync Cord B (5m/16') Connects Camera's Hot Shoe Contact to AF-400T Flash or Hot Shoe Grip
MFR# 37346 • B&H# PESCB4P16

In Stock
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